Our stores are open!
We have opened our stores for your needs, though we are still implementing some COVID restrictions.
If you feel more comfortable, we can still arrange pickup or delivery of your orders, so call us at 403-253-4888 to speak with our customer service team, or place your order online.

Cooking Equipment

Whether you need to broil, boil, sauté, or bake, our collection of commercial cooking appliances and professional cooking equipment has everything you need for a successful food service operation.


Cook & Hold Ovens are an efficient way to save space in your kitchen.


We carry a wide range of commercial grills. Whether you need a panini grill, hot dog cooker, to a griddle, we can supply all your needs.


We carry both gas and electric kettle cooking equipment


We carry a wide selection of cooking ovens. From speciality Pizza ovens, to commerical grade microwaves we have all the options you need.


We carry a wide selection of cooking ranges, from gas to electric we have all the options you need.


We carry an assortment of cooking skillets.


We carry a wide selection commercial grade cooking steamers.

Stock Pot

We have all the stock pot ranges you need to maximize cooking efficiency.


We have all your commercial Wok cooking equipment that you need.
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